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About Come All Within

By kwin and Prof
December 27 2005

Come All Within is an entirely independent, unofficial website, run by Quins' fans, for Quins Fans. The co-editors were Prof & kwin from 2002 until May 2005 when kwin stood down. Now if you have any suggestions, ideas, comments or complaints, please send them to


The aims of this site are pretty simple:

  • to promote Harlequins
  • to provide a forum where on-line fans can meet and exchange views - and perhaps even  go on to meet each other in real-life at the Stoop. 
  • to provide an independent platform for our views and mechanism where fans can engage with the club 

and...that's about it.   If you're interested to know more, though,  back in May 2002 when the site started we (Prof & kwin) wrote about The Aims of the Site at more length.

Contributing articles to ComeAllWithin

This site is wholly dependent upon contributions from ordinary fans (yes that means you!) and fresh contributions are always welcome

 There are lots of ways to contribute articles:

Match Reports

Every Monday following a game, we will aim to carry a match report. But, rather than write them all ourselves we'd prefer as wide a spread of reporters as possible. To encourage that this season: as well as the pure pleasure of seeing your words on-line, we have a carrot to offer - for each game the club have promised to give is a  Supporters' Reporter Press Pass. This pass should enable you to get into the post-match press conference, hear the views of the management of both clubs.

ANYONE CAN WRITE A MATCH REPORT!   We're not looking for match reports written to compete with the Sunday papers (we've all read them the day before), and we're definitely not looking for a complete, factual account for the record (that's covered by the official site). Instead, what CAW is looking for is the fans eye view - and if you didn't really understand what that first penalty was for, and you missed a bit getting back from the bar, but you DO have a passionately held view about the ridiculous sin-binning which happened right in front of where you were sitting - well: that sounds like a good match report already...

Interested?  On the fixtures page we've added a column showing who has volunteered to write the match report....every blank on that list is crying out for a volunteer...


We have no access to any picture library, and we can't publish any copyright pictures without permission, so CAW is totally reliant on our own resources. We're not aiming to have an extensive picture gallery on CAW (that's covered on the DG site) but we do need:

  • action shots immediately after each game, to go with the match report. If you take a good one, and can email it to us on the Sunday, it will appear on Monday (now's the time to buy that digital zoom camera)
  • player portraits: we'd like to build up a small library of clear pictures of individual players - taken on field or off - for use in player profiles, articles, when they play well, or whenever they are in the news. If you take a good one (or have any already) please email it in.

All pictures will be fully credited to the photographer (unless you'd prefer not).


If you feel the urge to write an article - on any topic - just write it and email it in. It might be an opinion piece, a player profile, an encounter with Will Greenwood in Tesco, your personal observations, the pub night, whatever. If you want to make sure that no-one else is writing the same article at the same time, you can let us know in advance. 750 words is plenty long enough. Up to 2000 is manageable.  Like to write but  stuck for an ideas?  Let us know - we generally have a long list of articles that need writing.


We've lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview a number of the players this season, with more in the pipeline.  If you think you have a good interview technique (and a sharp pencil) let us know you'd like to be interviewer.

Regular Column

A really welcome contribution - and something that would make a real difference to CAW would be a regular column that we can rely on and plan around. It could be every week, every fortnight, perhaps just once a month. It can take any theme you like, serious funny, analytical, gossip.  Though it is a challenge to write to a deadline every week - it is also very rewarding.  If you have an idea / whim to write a regular column, drop us an email to discuss ideas

Technical Details

You can submit an article in any format you like, MS Word, raw text or a straight email are fine, I'll do the formatting for you as I put it up.

Right, you know about the site now so if you would like to contribute something send it to

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