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By Stuart Anderton
May 10 2012

Welcome to Come On My Lovers. 

I try to operate as few rules as possible, but there are some which I ask you to abide by for everyone's best interests.

They are really simple: 

-- No personal abuse whatsoever of other posters, Bath players or management. Zero tolerance. For the avoidance of doubt, criticism of a player's playing abilities is NOT abuse. 

-- No C words or other equivalent swearing. That includes letter swapping or other obfuscation including variations and abbreviations to get round the letter of the rule.  Don't rely on the SportsNetwork swear filter; just don't do it.

-- No posting of obscene images. Cheerleaders are just fine. smiling smiley 

-- No libellous posting

-- No posting links to illegal download or streaming sites. (general rule, if it's available as a paid service in the UK, you can't post a link to a "free" version. If it's not available in the UK legitimately, then fine.) 

-- Multiple identities are banned 

If you break those rules, the post and/or thread will be deleted and you will be warned. A repeat offence will bring a one week suspension. Third time and it's a straight ban. 

I have a couple more requests:

-- If a thread isn't about rugby, please preface it with "OT" to allow people to filter out those discussions

-- The "sticky" threads are intended as repositories for important information; please don't take them off topic as it makes it harder for people to find what they are looking for

-- Please don't post thread titles which are match result spoilers on international weekends

Board Civility post from Hasta

This is a trying period for us all. Where robust debate and a variety of opinions is encouraged on this board, and posters will naturally be emotive, it is not surprising that given Bath's current losing streak that everyone is particularly stressed, frustrated and reactive.

We have always run this board with a 'soft touch' approach to moderation. Very few posts are edited, almost no one is suspended or banned. You are adults. We expect you to behave as such. That means taking a breath before posting and considering if comments are necessary or helpful.

Some guidelines: 1. No personal abuse of players, management or other posters. For avoidance of doubt, this includes comments on players effort/commitment levels. 2. This is a local pub but visitors are welcome. I know that some posters can find visiting comments frustrating, I encourage you to consider that everyone is posting in good faith. So. No abuse of visitors, this falls under guideline 1. 3. Repetition of long held opinions rarely moves the conversation on, particularly if this happens frequently, across multiple threads. If you really wish to continue this topic on, please create a thread for it and contain it there.

Breaching of these guidelines will cause posts to be deleted. If you have concerns or frustrations, please feel free to raise them to myself, PG Tips or Coochie Coo. We're acting on good faith that frustrations are heightened due to the current run. But this is a pub for civil adults. If you cannot be a civil adult, you will no longer be welcome.

Come On My Lovers




Copy & Paste. Please Read by P G Tips


Posting links on this board to articles of interest elsewhere helps to broaden rugby knowledge and promote debate. However, done to excess it can be irritating, counter productive and legally risky.


If a link has been posted, wholesale copy/paste of the article’s content is unnecessary –those interested in reading the article can follow the link for themselves. Reproducing the whole article can lead to over lengthy, clunky posts and in the case of content copied from behind a paywall, is a breach of copyright which could cause trouble for us as a board as we could be held liable.


To spark interest in the link, or indicate it’s argument a short summary is quite acceptable – or a selective quote. Either or both is preferable to reproduction of long narrative that can be seen elsewhere.


As Mods we welcome exchange of information or views – but we will edit excessively long cut and paste posts if we have to.


Please follow the above guidelines, for ease of readership and avoidance of legal issues

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