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The JUN'ERE Section

By Glen Leat
April 8 2005


Welcome to the pages especially designed for our younger supporters. Whilst their mums and dads may be languishing on the Rogues Gallery, often the worse for wear, this is where you will find the future of Bath Rugby.

But let's not restrict these pages to pictures, let's have some views from the JUN'ERE's themselves. Why not write to me with details about your favourite players, the first game you saw, what you do on match days if you play rugby at school, why you want to be the next Olly Barkley and I'll post your stories on this site.

I also like a bit of fun so if you have any corny jokes to share with us all they will be welcome.

You can contact me at


Eddy Goodall doing what he does best:Supporting Bath!
Jordan at Twickenham
Eddy Goodall doing what he does best:Supporting Bath!
G&T's NieceGeorge
G&T's NeiceGeorge
Marked JuniorRyan
Marked Junior - his first game and it's in the Shed for the Cup semi-final!Ryan gets to grips with the ball
Sebastian Lageson of Kolsva (150km west of Stockholm)

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