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Celtic Crusaders Launched

By Zippy
June 23 2005

The Rugby Football league has confirmed the Celtic Crusaders will join League 2 from next season. For full details of this exciting news read on.

RFL admits new Welsh club (Press Release) - 22nd June 2005

Following a meeting of the Rugby League Council at Salford today (Wednesday) it can be confirmed that Welsh club Celtic Crusaders will be admitted to LHF Healthplan National League Two for the 2006 season.

The club, which is to be based at the Brewery Field, Bridgend, had its application for membership approved following an extensive evaluation process and they become the British game's 34th professional club.

The Crusaders' admission completes the Rugby Football League's re-structuring of the LHF National Leagues One and Two to allow for the relegation of two teams from the engage Super League at the end of the 2005 season.

In 2006 LHF National League One will have ten member clubs while League Two will comprise of 12 member clubs including the Celtic Crusaders.

Richard Lewis, the RFL's Executive Chairman, said: "The admission of the Celtic Crusaders is recognition of the progress that the sport is making in Wales.

"We now have a strong grass roots presence in Wales with Rugby League being played in schools as well as the formation of junior teams.

"The impressive progress delivered by the seven Welsh clubs playing in the TotalRL.Com Conference has given Rugby League a solid base of adult players and Wales has a worldwide reputation as a rugby-playing nation.

"The Crusaders come into professional Rugby League playing out of the excellent Brewery Field Stadium in Bridgend and having lodged a robust business plan with the RFL".

Chris O'Callaghan, the Celtic Crusaders Chief Executive, said: "We're elated by our admission to Rugby League.

"We feel that the time is right for professional Rugby League in South Wales. For the first time an infrastructure is in place with so much junior development of the sport taking place as well as the successful TotalRL.Com Conference division.

"Our aim is to reach Super League and we realise that the hard work has just started for us.

"We shall also be representing South Wales in Rugby League and we take that seriously".

It was also decided in principle that the Welsh Rugby League should be offered a place on the Rugby League Council and this development will be confirmed at a future Council meeting.

Issued by the Rugby Football League Media Department

The Story of the Badge & Motto - 22nd June 2005

The Badge - The club badge is a fusion of the modern and traditional. Unashamedly Welsh the badge depicts the Cross of St David with the Crusaders logo emblazed thereon. The club colours are Black and Gold and the change strip Blue and White.

The Motto - The motto comes from Lucius Accius a Roman tragic Poet. Oderint dum metuant - Let them hate, so long as they fear later became a famous motto of the Emperor Caligula.

The official site has been launched at and the introduction reads:

The Celtic Crusaders RLC is the latest addition to the world of Rugby League. Based at the famous Brewery Field Stadium in Bridgend, The Crusaders are the only professional club in Wales.

Established with the firm objective of becoming the Welsh franchise in Super League, the Crusaders will start life in National League 2 in 2006. The bottom up approach to qualification has been chosen to ensure that the club grows with its playing and spectator base, into a nationally recognised sporting brand.

"Oderint dum metuant"

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