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How to do various things


January 23 2007

How to do various things that you have always wanted to do on the Wasps site. This is that ever so wonderful reference answering questions like "How to I add a link?", "I can't log on, what do I do?" Check back from time to time for updates and more tips and tricks...


How to write an article for publication ...

  1. Sit down in front of your computer and write something that you think will be of interest to the Wasps community.  WARNING .. at least three people will think your article is rubbish, but many more will appreciate it.
  2. Send it in an email with "Item for publication from [your sitename]" in the subject to "" .. note, remove the NoSpam bit to reach the mailbox.
  3. Wait avidly for publication and people telling you why you're wrong.

How to add a link thingy...

Use the following format...

url=]Your link text[/url]

  1. copy and paste the web location precisely in place of ""
  2. add a descriptive label precisely in place of "Your link text"
  3. Preview your post. If correct, it'll look like a link thingy, if not, edit your post to the correct format -- don't leave any spaces anywhere in the location (You can only do this if you have logged in. Sign up for a profile to login!)



Trouble logging in?

Log using the login box at the top right hand corner, or via -- a successful login will automatically set a permanent cookie that remembers who you are if your browser's privacy setting is set correctly (medium high or lower)

Don't try logging in via or as the cookie may not recognise those domains!



If you can't remember your password...

Go to: and enter the email address associated with your profile in the second box labelled: Did you forget your password?, so that Sportnetwork can email your password to you.



How to add an image...

First you need a picture on a website somewhere in the form /picture.jpg (the picture can be in any of the standard formats, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, even the bandwidth hogging BMP or bitmap format).

Then in the message composition window click the button with the mountains/sun.

You will get a popup box which has "http://" filled in. You just need to add the rest as above to point to your picture, or easier still, delete the http:// bit and paste in the location of the image. Alternatively, enter the code in the following form:


Press the "OK" button and providing you have typed in the correct address for the picture, when you post it will appear.



How to add an image to your signature...

You can add an image to your profile in a similar way. Go to "Control Centre ->  Edit Signature and addthe location of the image in the following format:


And if you want to get really complicated, you can add a clickable image link to a web page, eg:


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