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By KevinTheB
October 3 2006

Player / Staff Name Player / Staff Nickname Reason (if any!)
Lawrence Dallaglio LBND his initials
Alex King Kinga Incredibly imaginative one this
Frazer Waters Muddy Again, for the yoof, Muddy Waters was a singer.
Simon Shaw Shawsie
Sandie for the young out there Sandie Shaw was (is?) a singer
Joe Worsley Wurzel (various spellings)
Peter Scrivener Scrivs
Gloria Sennitt Mum
Josh Lewsey CO Formerly an officer cadet at Sandhurst
Mark van Gisbergen Burger Cheeseburger, beefburger: after a beer easier to say.
Shaun Edwards Smiler
Former Players & Staff
Warren Gatland Gats
Gareth Rees FatBoy, FB
Rob Andrew Squeaky Never did anything wrong
Judas Couldn't do anything worse!
Paul Rendell Judge
Rob Henderson Kebab man A fondness for classic(?) mediteranean food
Andy le Chevalier Horse Imperfect knowledge of French by whoever made it up
Michael White Buster He just is
Andy Gommarsall Gommars
Joe Beardshaw Bearders
Paul Volley Volls
John Rudd Rhino
Dafydd Lewis Daffy
Martin Wood Woody
Will Green Rev as in "Rev Green, in the study, with a rope"
Darren Molloy Mauler
Phil Greening Dome (see also Ferengi) Physical resembance and he's expensive and used rarely
Tea Boy His first job at Wasps when he was cup barred
Rob Howley Stan passing resemblance to Stan Laurel
Kenny Logan Teflon His effectiveness in the tackle (all in the past now mate)
Shane Roiser Tooth Doc He's a qualified dentist!
Mark Denney Denzil
Paul Sampson Sammo Imaginative name
Red Bull Drinks lots apparently
Psycho He has a tendancy for robust defence of himself!
Stuart Abbott Sonic ....the hedgehog
Russ That hilarious multi-faceted entertainer

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