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Welcome to Wasps. What's in and what's out

By Wasps
September 16 2006


Usage and Abusage

What is discussable and what isn't?

Pretty much anything is discussable. It is a character of the message board that off-topic (OT), non-rugby threads can be very popular, particularly in low-rugby times like summer. In the past there has been a general free-for-all. Recently, you will have noticed, things have been set up to structure the message board differently. In fact it's now not "board" it's "boards".

Main board

Rugby chat - particularly, but not limited to, Wasps. This also includes all that goes on around and beyond the game itself but is still somehow related to rugby and rugby clubs.

The Travelling Wasp

Does what it says on the tin. Please add any info, offers for car share/lifts, etc., etc., here.

When will the moderators get involved?

Historically, very rarely!

Commercial or other advertising for personal (i.e. not charitable or community) gain will removed. If you want to advertise contact the administrators and we can come to some arrangement.

During the working day (and curiously after 11pm) people post various messages - and threads - which don't really stand up to close scrutiny. But in the same way that chat after a game in the bar can have a tendency to meander no-one is going to mind, people will probably join in.

If a thread is, or becomes, a series of worthy rantings the likelihood is that it the moderators may close the thread. This rarely happens. This may cause the participants anguish - but there is nothing more alienating than a thread that is repetitive, posturing and conducted in an unwelcoming tone. When and if this happens is a judgement call by the moderators. Quite often there is someone trying to make a well thought out point. It's the general tone that affects the decision. If and when it happens, don't get all precious about it. Editorial control is sometimes a necessary tool. Abusive or aggressive posts can expect to be pinged as soon as they are spotted.

Anything offensive or libellous will be hidden from view but retained in order to trace the poster where necessary. Co-operation will be given to an injured party seeking legal redress.

The moderators' decisions are final. If you disagree, post elsewhere on the web, or start your own message board!

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