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Drunken Wasps Charitable Support

By KevinTheB
December 22 2004


Since inception, the "Drunken Wasps", through the generous actions of those going on trips, attending events or buying various bits of merchandise, have raised well in excess of £5000 for good or charitable causes.

This has been shared around a few worthy causes, notably the Wasps Minis, Wasps Youth teams, and the National Deaf Children's Society.

This year, to support that "Waspie-till-I-die" Will Green, the Drunken Wasps charitable funds will be given to the following causes, chosen by Will to be beneficiaries of his Testimonial Year:

The Brain and Spine Foundation. This Charity aims to improve the quality of life for people with brain and spine conditions and reduce neurological disability by providing a national focus for information, education and research. Brain and Spine Foundation Web Site

Tom Summerville. Tom, aged sixteen, tragically broke his neck and has become paralysed whilst playing for Harrow Rugby Club. He is improving and Will is keen to support him throughout his testimonial year.

Forgotten Children. This Charity was set up by Peter Jones, CEO of Phones International, and gives children an opportunity to have a 'wish for a day' come true. Forgotten Children Web Site

So when you get on that bus, or wear that pin or shirt, not only does it look the canines bits, but it is doing some good.

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