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Two down, one to go.

August 22 2016

We are two games into the preseason and the squad have had two tough games. Next up are the Lions. Before you start panicking it is not those Lions but the ones from Leicester!... More >

Go on, you know you want to

Volunteers are needed to do previews / reviews / anything interesting. Put your hand up for the match/es or thoughts you'd like to put into word by posting a message below then sen... More >

Constructive Dissent

As Carnegie's sixth Championship season in succession draws near, I feel the need for a little constructive dissent. Yorkshire Carnegie supporters are a dwindling but resili... More >

Ready? Steady!

The summer has been a quiet one for Yorkshire Carnegie fans. The new signings all seem to be on board , creating a considerable amount of anxiety. Last season's debacle has been ch... More >

The road to hell

Last season's promotion and relegation results plus other factors have seen the premiership move geographically westwards with a cluster of clubs around the M5 and M4 corridors. Br... More >

Summertime blues pt1

Usually, at this time of year, I am starting to miss the rugby. I am not , like some of my neighbours, an afficienado of cricket or cycling and take only a passing interest in the ... More >

Season Washup

Yorkshire Carnegie finished the season 3rd in the league, beaten play-off semi finalist and cup runners up. To some people this represents a successful season. However I felt, at t... More >

Carnegie break Castle Park hoodoo but its not enough

So now we know, Doncaster Knights will represent Yorkshire in the Championship play off final. They did enough last week to justify their place, but Carnegie must be kicking th... More >


Doncaster Knights took a big step towards the RFU Championship play off final with a comprehensive 30 points to 17 victory over Yorkshire Carnegie in the first leg of the semi-... More >

War of the Rose

Play-off time.....Nerve shredding, high stakes, winner stays on, knock out rugby. Possibly not the most popular way of deciding who gets to dine at the top table but, when you're h... More >

Yorkshire Carnegie Poll

The season has started, and we've seen the lads play a game. So, where in the table, on that performance, will we likely finish?

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