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The cavalry are coming

October 15 2018

Currently besieged at the foot of the Championship, we await the arrival of the multinational cavalry, who we are assured are on their way to rescue us. This thread is to record progress:... More >

Guess the attendance - London Scottish

Next up we have a Friday-night-under-the-lights experience against fellow relegation-strugglers London Scottish. This of course assumes we can muster a team following our disastero... More >

Can we fix it?

So, after an evening of agricultural and BBQ smoke odours wafting about, several layers of said smoke drifting like cirrus clouds across the pitch, bat dodging and having to wait f... More >

Hartpury matchday thread

The lads open their account at Hartpury near Gloucester tonight. There is a match commentary from our friend Hegars on BBC Radio Leeds. If you cannot get the commentary join us her... More >

Hartpury (II)

  The long hot summer is over. Pre-season has gone to plan with two wins from two games. We are now just a few days away from the start of the 2018-19 Championship season. For... More >

In the land of the prince bishops.

I always enjoyed going to County Durham as a child. There was something magical about travelling in the land of the prince bishops. On Saturday I once again travelled north, return... More >

Runners and riders 2019

It is that time of the year, with Wimbledon & the World Cup out of the way, that rugby afficienados can sit back and start to worry about their club's prospects for the coming ... More >

You win nowt with kids

Yorkshire Carnegie has made some interesting signings for next season, both forwards and backs.  Not least of these is the promotion of Steve Boden from forwards coach to... More >

Maybe, maybe not.

My normal reaction to the end of the season is one of disappointment /relief. I then go into a cricket-induced coma for a couple of months before emerging with fresh hope and enthu... More >

Goodbye Mister Boggy.

The last match of this strange season arrived today. I am quite relieved to get this "transitional" season behind us but am also a little bit sad to see some of my favourite player... More >

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