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I hate Leinster

Connacht V Leinster

October 1 2006

I really really really... etc... hate Leinster with a passion. It seems like everytime they play Connacht, they get four (or sometimes five) points that they don't deserve. Fridays defeat was no different. <p><font size="2">Let's get the good news out of the way first. Garveys was pretty much the place to be before the game. A large crowd decended on the city centre venue with a bit of friendly banter starting between Connacht fans & Leinster fans. And the bad news... The game stared in the worst possible way with the former Munster lock Tervor Hogan touching down after just 23 seconds as Mark McHugh had his clearance kick charged down. </font></p><p><font size="2">Things settled after that and for a half an hour, Leinster were contained and Connacht were content with the smash ball rugby that hadn't worked against Llanelli. It wasn't until Jeamie Heaslip popped to Easterby for Leinsters second try that Connacht realised there was a game on. And it took a moment of magic from Matt Mostyn running an inside line to break the line, with young Dan Riordan supporting to scream into the Leinster 22 and a smart offload to Yapp saw the centre touch down between the sticks. At half time the crowd wasn't worried about being behind, sure we had come back from bigger gaps before. </font></p><p><font size="2">Things started to fall apart when a scuffle started in the forwards and McHugh ran into the crowd throwing punches. He saw yellow and though Connacht had a penalty, it was a big ask for Riordan to convert it. When Riordan got a second chance he drew Connacht level, and things were looking up. Then Connacht let a weaker pack push them back into their own territory and Darcy popped up to steal a great drop goal. In the first minute of injury time, Connachts defence was found flat footed as Leinster ran around the outside for Shane Horgan to score in the corner. And finally McHugh set up Hickie for a well taken try five minutes into injury time for a bonus point earning try. </font></p><p><font size="2">I know the players must have been gutted about the whole experience, but Jesus... as a diehard supporter, to give five league points up so cheaply just about kills me. In fairness, the 2nd & 3rd tries were pretty good from Leinster, but take away the other two, and Connacht were well in the game. Really, I shouldn't have written this report because it's just a big complaint... but I suppose it all stems from the fact that I really really really... etc... hate Leinster! All remarks made by The Last Ditch Tap Tackle</font></p>

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