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Meet the Family - Strinesian Saleanian

By Major Bloodnok
July 21 2006


Meet The Family



Real Name








 The Godfather, Blues Brothers, Shawshank Redemption

TV Programme(s)

Early Doors, Father Ted, Our Friends in the North


Papillon, Fatherland, His Dark Materials


eclectic - almost everything (except 'pop'), ipod on permanent shuffle

Radio Station(s)

BBC Radio 2, 4 & 5


Cottage pie, Coupe Colonel


Timothy Taylor Landlord, Lagavulin or Laphroaig, Tullamore Dew

Place(s) to visit

Ambition is to follow a Lions Tour - Oz, NZ or SA, either will do!


How long supporting Sale Sharks?

Part time since start of professional era, full time since the move to EP

Best ever Sale Sharks game

The first half against Wasps at the Causeway (2005 play-off) combined with the second half against Wasps at EP last season (2005) - if only Mike Hercus had got that last kick to draw! I'd rather watch a hard-fought close game than a thrashing.

Favourite Sale Sharks experience off pitch

Post-match in Connacht

How did you start supporting Sale Sharks?

When my own playing days started to 'wind down'



 Watching my lads play rugby (does that count?)

Four people you'd invite to dinner:

Philip Pullman, Tony Benn, Wille John McBride & Mark Kermode

Most likely to say?

Have we got time for a quick one?

Least likely to say?

No thanks, it's too early for me

Tell us something about you we don't know.

In 1984, I stood for 3 hours in the sleet and rain, outside Newcastle City Hall, holding a 'Coal not Dole' placard, ready to shout abuse at Margaret Thatcher (who was inside at a regional Tory Party Conference)...only for her to 'sneak out' though a side exit! Some people are so thoughtless!

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