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Meet the Family - Yonah

By Major Bloodnok
April 11 2008

It's meet the family time again. next up in front of the firing squad is Yonah, who claims to be semi-retired, enjoys good food and wants to help bring about world peace (OK, I made that last bit up - it's not easy writing these opening paragraphs, you know). Without further ado, here's the full info from the man himself.


Meet The Family



Real Name





Semi Retired Skiver ( Ex – IT Director )




Bullit, Ice Age

TV Programme(s)

Anything which doesn’t test my intelligence


Anything by Deaver, Ben Elton. Any author that promises to make me a millionaire within 20 minutes – never do but a fascinating read.


Enya, Santana, Mike Oldfield, Beatles, Stones. Child of the 60’s

Radio Station(s)

Imagine, Radio 2


Yes please – anything except desiccated coconut. Preference to good French food – cassoulet and andouillette being favourites or that rabbit someone had in Montpellier.


Well, for those that know me I don’t drink much.

But Guinness, Affligem, Leffe, G&T and Red Wine (if SIB are not around. They tend to drink most of it)

Place(s) to visit

Choi Hing, Chez Nous


Pot Bellied Pig 


How long supporting Sale Sharks?

Mid 80’s

Best ever Sale Sharks game

Premiership Final 2006 but many others come close.

Favourite Sale Sharks experience off pitch

European travel – Biarritz special or Montpellier

How did you start supporting Sale Sharks?

Always been RU so when we moved back oop north Sale was the place

Favourite player

Always enjoyed having a go at Big Stan but currently Lee Thomas

Favourite rugby pub/bar

Kirola, Biarritz


How do you relax?

In a recumbent position with a bottle of red and the love of my life. Not both the same.

Five people you'd invite to dinner and who would cook:

The Boss would cook her slow cooked lamb with roast veggies in the pot. After that I am at a loss as I would want more than 5 there and I cannot choose. Apart from Susan Penhaligan that is – she never knew I existed -shame

Most likely to say?

I have had enough thank you

Least likely to say?

Go on then I’ll just have another

Tell us something about you we don't know.

I spent some time in a former penal colony in my youth

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