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A Guide to Drinking at Edgeley Park

By A Drunken Bum
December 22 2005


Reputedly there are 13 pubs within crawling distance of the ground, I have not got round them yet. Some are good, some may not be.

Many fans tend to arrive at the club early before kick off with the aim of sipping and watching the previous Sale away game in the bars inside the ground. As this is my usual modus operandi, it would be wrong to critically appraise the local hostelries I haven’t visited yet, (damn those splinters in me rear).

However here is some info gleamed from word of mouth, visits & the net, hopefully this will develop overtime, with the input of others, into something vaguely useful:

(Please note: Every effort has been made to name correct beers, apologies if incorrect but likely to be much better than that gnats pee served in the Big Smoke down south [This typical northern stereotyping of southerners is entirely the author's. Personally, I'm rather fond of a drop of London's Pride. - Ed. Or Waddy's 6X. Or Badger. Or Shepherd Neame.]).

From the Station, walking through tunnel under track up cobbled road turn left, spot “the roundabout” on left:
If driving & following signs to Edgeley Park from M60 , driving past Morrisons (car clampers paradise) mini roundabout, up the incline, passing the ground on the right (one road back, see flood lights), very limited parking on immediate left (not sure how safe), or continue as I do on to “the roundabout”, take second exit, Greek Street, left at lights at bottom onto A6, take left to Station immediately after McDonalds, up to very top, large car park (not as yet had or heard of problem there).

[Alternatively, take Stockport town centre exit (Junction 1) from M60 and go up the hill to the aforementioned roundabout - Ed]

Go into Station and follow above “From the Station directions”.

The Armoury  a Robinsons pub & The Grapes Hotel facing “the roundabout”.
Across the roundabout, on your right is Castle Street:

If you arrive to the ground early and park in the very limited municipal car parking, you should see folk in jerseys spilling out of the back of some of these pubs, particular on those barmy ["balmy"? - on second thoughts, maybe "barmy"'s right - Ed] summer nights we get so often despite being so close to the Artic Circle.

The Bobby Peel'Sir Robert Peel', 83, Castle Street just down on the left. Locally termed the Bobby Peel, this Greenalls pub is a popular spot, probably the closest to the ground. It has a small beer garden, friendly staff & is likely to be heaving with rugby fans and locals alike.
Prince Albert'Prince Albert', 107, Castle Street 100 yards further down on left. Another good traditional friendly pub, serving Wilsons ales.
Royal Oak'The Royal Oak' 124, Castle Street bottom of the road on the right. Seem to have grasped rugby’s arrival with open arms, very friendly landlord & staff. Always good banter, two serving areas and a small beer garden. Apparently the mythical beasts that are this message board editors [one, so far: trying to persuade the others - Ed] drink there, not had the Pink Lanson Demi Sec from Reims myself, but the Guinness is great. [Excellent pint of Holts as well - Ed]
Others : The Pineapple, The Jolly Crofter, Rafferties Irish Bar , as yet unexplored territory, back to my fence with splinters.
The Greyhound on Bowden Street, a Boddington’s Pub, has had good mentions by our soccer fraternity, as has The Crown, described as a must for real ale drinkers and located about 10 minutes away under the railway viaduct, down the hill from the aforementioned roundabout.
Much closer to the ground I am informed that there is a small Labour Club that serves visitors, located by the away end entrance.
Please note these are views of the messageboard team, not the club, set out in good faith to assist fans of rugby, we accept no liability for loss of way, damage to car or self / self esteem, inability to drink proper beer, spillages, fines & funny pints etc…
Additional information courtesy of Mozzer (who follows football, but we forgive him)
Round the Market is good. If you want a crawl, go from the Royal Oak along Castle Street to the Armoury at the roundabout. The go to the Olde Vic. From there go down the hill to the Crown, then turn left out of there and follow your nose to the Swan with Two Necks.

Turn left again out of there and follow the road round past Barclays, then Asda. Turn right and hit the Arden Arms. Then up onto the Market for 3 or 4 other quality pubs.

Anyone who moans about trouble in Stockport is thinking that what happens with local youths in Grand Central is indicative of what's happening anywhere else. You wouldn't want to go to Grand Central as, quite frankly, it's crap. Follow that route and even if you miss out the odd pub or two, you won't go far wrong. 
The Armoury – Friendly pub with a lounge, vault and backroom, named The Hatters Room. You don’t have to be mad, etc.! Friendly staff and quality Robbies available.
Olde Vic - haven't been in for a while but beer was always excellent.
The Crown – a multi-room pub under the viaduct that really is the jewel in the, er, crown of Stockport’s pubs. Always plenty to choose from on the real ale front with 8-10 pumps, it also provides proper cider and is effectively home to the Three Rivers brewery, a newish local micro-brewery.
The Swan With Two Necks is in the pedestrianised shopping area along Princes Street. It looks small from the front, but has three rooms inside. Again Robbies is the brew, with the mild, best and one other from the Robinson’s cannon available. Useful for those crawling back to the market, or looking for a haven from the shopping hell that exists beyond its welcoming interior.
The Arden Arms is hidden away behind the Asda monstrosity, but is worth finding. A runner-up in CAMRA’s pub of the year this Grade II listed building is a well-run pub and another in the fine tradition of multi-room pubs that Robinson’s have done well to leave well alone. Again it’s the local brew on offer, but as it’s only travelled from the other side of the Market what else do you expect?! Another friendly town-centre pub, excellently run and beer superbly kept.
Stockport Market itself has a variety of pubs on offer, the pick of them being the Bakers Vaults (especially for live music), the Boars Head (for the Sammy Smiths) and the Bull’s Head, which specialised in a late-licence before they became fashionable.

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