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Meet the Family - LOUD Shark

By Major Bloodnok
November 12 2008

Meet the Family time again, since we've been a bit bereft of Sale action recently. Those who went to Clermont-Ferrand will have possibly now regained their hearing if they were anywhere in the vicinity of Jo during the match. So, say hi to one of our newest regular posters....


Meet The Family


  LOUD Shark

Real Name





Sales rep.



Wizard of Oz, My Fair Lady, The Untouchables, The Terminator Trilogy, Matrix Trilogy

TV Programme(s)

Any rugby on TV, Heroes, CSI (all versions)


Crime Thrillers, Historical Novels, definitely not Mills and Boon!


Any - Very eclectic taste in music, (especially - It's Raining Men by the Weather Girls!!!!)

Radio Station(s)

Radio 1


Its easier to say what I don't like! - Avocado, Fruit Cake, Mince Pies, and I have an allergy to Curry Paste


Again, easier to say what I don't like! Tea, Pernod, Gin, Martini.

Place(s) to visit

America as a whole, but, particularly California, and I have a soft spot for Menorca too.


How long supporting Sale Sharks?

Round about 8 years now, I think we were at Jason Robinson's first game at Heywood Rd, it was a long time ago, (this wasn't my first ever game by the way!)

Best ever Sale Sharks game

The Guinness Premiership Final against Leicester Tigers at Twickenham, 2006, followed very closely by the game against Clermont Auvergne Away, in the Heineken Cup, Round 1 2008

Favourite Sale Sharks experience off pitch

Well, there are many, but, current top ones have to be Steve Hanley's Testimonial Ladies Night, and Meeting up with the Guys in the Aussie Bar in Clermont Ferrand after the game

How did you start supporting Sale Sharks?

Beefy (Anthony) and I wouldn't go to football together cause he is a Man u fan (spit!) and I am a Liverpool supporter (come on you mighty reds!), so we decided, because it was only up the road, that we would go and watch a Sale Sharks match instead!


How do you relax?

Is there life outside rugby then? (going on holiday, and walking)

Four people you'd invite to dinner:

David Attenborough, Margaret Thatcher, Mark Cueto and Kingsley Jones

Most likely to say?

Referee, are you blind?/Come on Sale

Least likely to say?

No, I can't be bothered going to the game tonight, its too cold! Sale are rubbish anyway!

Tell us something about you we don't know.

I have a degree in Horticultural technology and Management

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