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By WiganSaler
May 15 2019

Sorry, bad pun. Thanks to WiganSaler for helping reinstate the forum by providing a tale of kindness from adversity.

At 8 o’clock on Sunday morning, 28/04/19 I received a phone call from my daughter Hayley up in Edinburgh. First reaction ‘What’s happened?’ It turns out my grandson Finlay Small, 16, a regular in Boroughmuir Rugby under 18s squad had had his right leg broken in three places: ankle, tibia and fibula, in a tackle in the final moments of their away match on the 27/04/19 against Wishaw Rugby not far from Glasgow. He’s a Tighthead Prop with aspirations to be a winger and that’s where It happened: on the wing going for a last-minute try.

My son-in-law, who is an ex-prop for Watsonians during Jason White’s time there and is still a mate, got the ref’s attention who promptly ended the game. The only medics on site were St John’s Ambulance who administered the best medical attention they were able. An NHS ambulance was called which arrived within 20 minutes. The leg and ankle break, not dissimilar to Marland Yarde’s was attended to, cannulars inserted and off to Wishaw Hospital he went.

I received a photograph of Fin on WhatsApp, in hospital, in his Boroughmuir kit, with his right leg in plaster up to his groin. Later, that Sunday he was transferred to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary where x-rays were taken, and a three-way break confirmed. He was operated on during Monday and had his break reset and pinned.

On the Tuesday, it was SSSC annual Dinner at the CorpAcq, better known as Heywood Road. The day before I had taken a digital copy down to Max Spielmann and had two A4 copies done. I took these copies to the Dinner on the Tuesday evening, and the whole squad to a man signed with their best wishes for a speedy recovery and were indeed very concerned for the lad. Steve Diamond asked his name and signed “Best wishes Fin, Dimes” Fin is indeed a Sale Sharks supporter and had been to games at Edgeley Park and the A J Bell. Finlay also attends Boroughmuir School in Edinburgh who requested and were invited to bring their U16s rugby squad down for the game against Newcastle Falcons Feb 2017. After an overnight stay they visited the training facilities down at Carrington followed by a training session on the Saturday with Sale coaches.

He was overjoyed to receive the signed photograph, “Fantastic grandad, that’s so cool” Fin is a determined young man and his main concern wasn’t his broken leg, but would he still be able to take his “Highers” and what about the Rugby Tour of Vancouver Canada, could he still go? He returned home Monday evening after his morning op, leg in plaster up to his knee and in a medical ski boot. On the Tuesday he made sure Mum took him to school so that he could take his Maths Highers. I spoke to him on Monday to wish him a happy 17th birthday, and he still says his signed photo is so cool, framed and on the wall. Oh, and he’s taken most of his Highers, with one more to go. So, a great big thanks from a grateful grandad and his grandson Finlay.


Signed photo


X-ray 1

x-ray 2

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