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By Major Bloodnok
January 5 2005

All submissions for articles (previews, match reports, etc) should go to my hotmail address: major bloodnok at hotmail co uk (add in dots between words where appropriate - there should be three. Damn, but I hate spambots! I've been careful, but they've still found that address.)

Front page reports have to have an opening paragraph that up to 400 characters long (and a practical minimum of about 250). I did formerly ask that people made sure that their opening paragraph conformed to that, but, since everyone just ignored me, I've taken to adding a first paragraph of my own to introduce the article. If you prefer your own opening paragraph to be the one used, please note the restriction on length, and then let me know that that's what you want.

If you're going to do a preview, please let me have it by the Tuesday before the game, otherwise it's likely to be a postview. Can you try to get match reports in ASAP, otherwise they're old news and likely to get shoved off the front page in short order. Also, check that no-one else is doing one before spending hours polishing your journalistic skills. You can find out who's signed up to do what by following the menu link labelled "Sharks Fixtures" (I won't link it, because it'll only go out of date, and I'll forget to change it, and then people will get confused).

If you have photographs that you think may be of interest to people (possibly with an accompanying story), then send them to the same address. But, PLEASE, no bigger than about 400 pixels square. For one thing my hotmail space is not unlimited and for another, it only means I've got to spend time reducing them before they'll fit. I'm willing to do a bit of photo enhancement before publication, if you ask me to. Be warned, though, that that will delay the appearance of your piccies - the actual delay depending on how much work is involved and how much time I've got.

A warning, though: signing up to do a story and failing to provide it will result in punishment...

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