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Meet the Family - Tigger too

By Major Bloodnok
October 14 2006

"The wonderful thing about tiggers is" - Well, "bouncy" springs to mind. "Loud" insinuates itself readily, with "brash" coming up on the rails. All of which leads up to this episode of Meet the Family featuring that shy, retiring character Tigger too. Warning! Contains not-safe-for-eyes photograph.


Meet The Family



Real Name





Sales manager



Blues Brothers, all Monty Python films, all Alien films.

TV Programme(s)

The TV belongs to the wife except when rugby/cricket is on.


Terry Pratchett, John Connolly, Michael Connelly, James Paterson, Mick McCarthy, Bill Bryson, Tom Sharpe, James Ellroy, any rugby or cricket autobiography...just love reading really.


Led Zeppelin, the blues, rock (old and new; heavy and AOR), punk,
classical...lots really except for 'dance'...

Radio Station(s)

5 Live!, classic FM


Thai, Chinese, Italian, fact if it stays still long enough I will eat it.


Hard one this...Guinness, Islay Malts, vodka, good pils (Budvar, Pilsner Urquell) Bloody Mary, Jagermiester, Becherovka, Kilepitsch.....BUT NOT, EVER, EVER ABSINTHE!

Place(s) to visit

Prague, Maldives, Dublin, Glasgow, Prague, Barbados, Prague, Manchester...oh and Prague (go is fantastic!)


How long supporting Sale Sharks?

On and off as a kid...started really supporting in the late 90's (that is 1990's). BUT due to working away a lot I got my first season ticket ever this season...

Best ever Sale Sharks game

The Wasps semi final play-off. Yep we hadn't won anything at this point but from walking into the ground the atmosphere was electric! And it got better and better....the final was fantastic but that game will always stand out in my memory.

Favourite Sale Sharks experience off pitch

Talking to two men at EP after the GP final that have had a huge impact on Sale over the past few seasons. Firstly BK with cup in hand and secondly Nick Johnston bottle in hand. Just a shame I couldn't have got to shake Swanny by the hand.... and the night back at EP after the 2005 Parker Pen final.

How did you start supporting Sale Sharks?

God....just did. Friends from school and college supported them and just went along better than watching *spit* soccer...



Reading, music, my wonderful wife (well I need to renew my season ticket), going to Prague, cricket.

Four people you'd invite to dinner:

Beside my wonderful wife? Billy Connolly, Jimmy Page, Dickie Bird, Bill Beaumont.

Most likely to say?

No problem/yes

Least likely to say?

No I have to go shopping.

Tell us something about you we don't know.

...I am a committed lesbian.

And another favourite off-field experience...

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